• Ippo started as my quarantine hobby when COVID began to hit the US in 2020. Even though I made bracelets and necklaces before when I was younger, I never had any piercings until college, so I had never made earrings before. I went to the crafts store, bought some supplies, and shared it with my friends, and soon after, Ippo was born and I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams of opening my own Etsy shop.

  • Since then, I've grown Ippo into my creative outlet by expanding into a variety of jewelry, vintage flips, stationery and digital/traditional art! After I moved to New York in 2021, I started doing lots of pop ups to spread word and network on the East Coast. With these experiences, I got to know so many amazing people and fellow creators. Being able to bring my ideas to life has been so fulfilling - thank you so much for stopping by!